TUER debut “Ivresse & Enfer” out now, Grinding Delemont vol 4

With a bit of delay, Grinding Rebellion Records is proud to announce the release of “Ivresse & Enfer”, swiss grinders TUER’ debut effort which comes on a 12″ one sided vinyl, produced in partnership with our friends at L’é Tutt Folklor, Junky Monkey and Frei. This piece of wax contains nine songs for no less than twelve minutes of pure blasting violence and will surely knock you out during the first listening round.

Furthermore Grinding Delemont Festival vol 4 is on its way and we just announced the first batch of bands which includes ENTRAILS MASSACRE, COLLISION or REPULSIONE as well as WHORESNATION and EMBALMING THEATRE from Grinding Rebellion’s fame. As usual, expect 2 days of blasting madness, hectoliters of beer and lots of fun.

Finally, on a sadder note, the release of SPEAK CHINESE OR DIE debut LP has been delayed to an undefined date as the pressing factory messed it up. We’re still in hope of finding a solution to release it on vinyl because we don’t a second episode a la Magnicide’s, but it’s unfortunately out of our control.