New releases 2018

It’s been a while but here are some news from the laziest grind label ever, as two (no, it’s not a typo) new releases just appeared over the previous two months! First is the 12″ single-sided debut LP from french west coast power violence trio GHETTO, featuring some CHIENS and MONARCH members. This is short, … Read more


No we’re not dead, but we’re loathing what the internet has become in 2017. Anyway may this new year be full of devastating blast-beats and ripping noises to you ! In case you missed it, Grinding Rebellion Records is proud to have released the CONVULSIF fourth album and first ever on vinyl, soberly intitled IV … Read more

Distro list : July 2016

12″ Vinyls (10 EUR / 12 CHF) GRR-002 XAROS – Fat & Furious GRR-008 GORGASM – Orgy Of Murder GRR-013 MY MAN MIKE – I’m pregnant GRR-015 TUER – Ivresse & Enfer AFGRUND – Vid helvetets grindar AGATHOCLES – Abrir Las Puertas AGATHOCLES – Grind Is Protest AHNA / BRIDGEBURNER – split ANTIGAMA – Intellect … Read more