20.09.2011 – STAND-BY !

Grinding Rebellion Records will be inactive for the next six to height months and will be back next year.

I (the label’s owner and manager) will be on travel around Asia, and won’t be able to sell records, make trade and reply to most of your emails. But you’re welcome to write me when I’m back, to trade some stuff or to bring you records.

So check for news next year as the MAGNICIDE “Rise To The Annihilation” 12″ LP shall be out. There will also be new killer records as CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY 7″ split EP and the first album from french grind machine WHORES NATION in 12″ LP.

See you soon, and write me a mail if you’re a grind addict from Asia, I’d love to see grind people and concerts around !