25.12.2012 – END OF YEAR NEWS

Sorry for the lack of news since last summer, but there weren’t any new release out since WHORESNATION self-titled first LP which is still awesome and never too late to order.

The biggest news is the implementation of a Grinding Rebellion Records Newsletter to keep up to date about informations about the label without the need of anything else but an email address. You maybe already received the first one or can register using the menu link on top of this page.

The next year shall finally see the release of long awaited MAGNICIDE / PUNISHED EARTH split EP 7″, CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY split EP 7″ and MAGNICIDE Rise To The Annihilation LP 12″, or at least let’s hope for it. Other releases in the works include TERLARANG / TERSANJUNG XIII split EP 7″ and some other great stuff ! So just keep subscribed to know more about this.

You probably heard it or seen it if you’re living around Delémont, but we had a bunch of really great concerts in the newly renovated SAS Delémont with PUNCH, NEGATIVE APPROACH, SATAN, RORCAL, AURA NOIR, PNG, MASSIVE CHARGE, FEASTEM and KILL THE CLIENT. There were also CHIENS and EXENTERATION playing at a secret skatepark close from Delémont.

Finally don’t miss the next concert this friday with AGUIRRE and write down the 1st March 2013 in you calendar, here are the two next concerts at SAS Delémont :

Friday 28th December 2012 : AGUIRRE + OMOPHAGIA + BLACK CODE + CALCINED
Friday 1st March 2013 : AFGRUND + MUMAKIL + NEAR DEATH CONDITION + guest
Take care and all the best for 2013 !