After a quite relaxed year in 2012, 2013 appears like a busy time with many things to delight you grind freaks around.

A couple new releases are now in the works and will be out sooner or later and that will begin with a serie of three seven inches. First is a worldwide coproduction for a split between two promising south-east asian grinders, TERLARANG from Malaysia and TERSANJUNG 13 from Indonesia. Then will be released the long awaited split between two of the fastest european acts, french CHIENS and czech LYCANTHROPHY, no need to say more. Last but not least, french grind maniacs XAROS will be back with 10 minutes of new tracks which were initially planned to be released on a split 12″, but this will finally released as a full 7″.

Later this year, the long awaited first LP from singapore grind machine MAGNICIDE shall finally see the light, as the money has been sent back to all the coproducers and we need some time to work everything out.

With great releases, great concerts. Grinding Delémont’s billing is almost complete, so be prepared for a full announcement with last bands and tickets sales starting. That’s next week on wednesday March 6th 2013.

Finally don’t miss next friday’s grind night at SAS with AFGRUND, MUMAKIL, XAROS and COMMMANDO NOISE TERROR. Flyer here !