Lots of things are happening at Grinding Rebellion’s headquarter ! Not only will Grinding Delémont Festival vol II start on friday but we are also glad to announce the release of the longly awaited CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY – split EP 7″.

This vinyl is either available in standard black or transparent black wax with a great artwork done by Jubs from CHIENS. So prepare for destruction and chaos as usual with these bands, which don’t need any introduction as both are proven grindmasters in Europe. Coproduction is brought to you with I Feel Good, Dead Heroes and Criminal Attack Records.

Grinding Delémont Festival starts on friday at SAS in Delémont, switzerland, with lots of great bands as YACOPSAE, MACHETAZO, GRIDE, FUBAR, DISCISPLES OF CHRIST and FULL OF HELL among many others.

Still, BLOOD I BLEED was unfortunately forced to cancel their appearance and will be replaced by swiss grinders INSOMNIA ISTERICA which are going to play on friday night. This means MUMAKIL will now play on saturday, so we’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Just as last year, festival shirts will be available at the Grinding Rebellion record booth, with a great artwork done by Maniak.

Please also remind the SAS isn’t a huge venue and tickets are strictly limited. Anyway tickets are still available on petzi.ch.