Here we go with another update, and couple small news for you grind freaks !

First, we’re happy to announce that GRINDING REBELLION RECORDS is going to release south korean thrashing grindcore act MY MAN MIKE second effort. Although they hail from far away, this band gather people from France, USA and (of course) Korea. That helps them getting on tour all around the world, so check them out if you get a chance. This first full length and follow up to first 10″ “Will you marry me” is going to be called “I’m pregnant” and will be brought to you by a 6 labels conspiracy on 12″ LP.

Then, after exactly two year – we’re deeply sorry it took so long – we’re happy to tell you the distro list has been updated with lots of new stuff on vinyl. So click on Distro in the menu to check those out.

Please also note that we now have a french office which is run by Lopin from grindcore act WHORESNATION. This way you can grab our titles on their tours or with shipping from France which is much cheaper than switzerland in terms of postage.

Finally, as you may have read through social networks, there has been pressing mistake on CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY 7″ EP. Some copies we sold at GRINDING DELEMONT FESTIVAL may have been wrong ones if MOTORPOOL is engraved on the matrix. Please contact us if you bought such a copy and we’ll replace it with a real copy for free.