After two successful previous editions, Grinding Rebellion Records will be bringing you a third GRINDING DELEMONT festival on 8th and 9th of May 2015 at SAS in Delémont, Switzerland. And while most of the billing is still to be communicated after confirmations, we’re happy to announce you the first bands set to take part.

Unable to bring these two bands the last two years for reasons beyond our control, we’re really glad that the most legendary and influential grindcore acts from France in BLOCKHEADS and INHUMATE will finally be participating. Next are two furious acts from Czech Republic, as well established NEEDFUL THINGS and newcomers CONTROLLED EXISTENCE will gather to carry on with blast beats from Pilsner country in Delemont. Also confirmed are SOCIETY PRISON COMPLEX from Germany, FIREBREATHER from Switzerland and GROSSEL from France.

So stay tuned for more updates regarding the festival as further bands will be announced as soon as possible !

Please also note that GRINDING REBELLION RECORDS, in cooperation with squat “La Biu” is bringing BOILING POINT from Slovakia with PRUGELKNABE from Czech Republic and GROSSEL from France for an exclusive swiss gig in Biel/Bienne on friday 20th February 2015, at La biu. Address is WYDENAUWEG 40 / CHEMIN DES SAULES 40 | 2503 BIEL / BIENNE.

May 2015 be full of blasts for you and hope to see you all at the festival !