Grinding Rebellion Records is very happy to announce that korean thrashcore act MY MAN MIKE’s second effort “I’m pregnant” is out now !

This release comes on regular 12″ black vinyl and contains eleven tracks of well blended fast and thrashing hardcore. Give it a shot, because there’s something undeniably unusual when grindfreaks grown up on different continents gather to play extreme music.

On a much sadder note, after four years in the works, it appears that MAGNICIDE’s first album “Rise to the annihilation” won’t be released because another label ruined everything and most of the co-producers want to now to be refunded. We’re sorry for people who have been waiting for this release as long as us, but it’s totally out of our control. Furthermore Grinding Rebellion Redcords will always be in if some other labels want to release it.

Anyway, to end this news on a much brighter note, we’re delighted to let you know that a third edition of GRINDING DELEMONT Festival will happen in 2015. Dates are fixed to May 8th and 9th and it will again take place at SAS in DelĂ©mont. Expect a first batch of bands to be announced in january, so stay tuned to our website or register to the newsletter to keep updated !