No we’re not dead, but we’re loathing what the internet has become in 2017. Anyway may this new year be full of devastating blast-beats and ripping noises to you ! In case you missed it, Grinding Rebellion Records is proud to have released the CONVULSIF fourth album and first ever on vinyl, soberly intitled IV ! CONVULSIF hails from Switzerland and plays a interestng blend of grinding doom/black with drone/noise elements driven by TUER’s machine-man drummer, don’t miss it !

Furthermore, GRINDING DELEMONT Festival will again take place at SAS DelĂ©mont on May 12th and 13th of 2017 with a first batch of bands consisting of well established acts such as LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, THE ARSON PROJECT and WOJCZECH as well as a few lesser-known but nonetheless crushing acts in STRONG AS TEN, APE UNIT and GROWLS. So get ready, spread the word, and see you in May for the fifth coming of Switzerland’s biggest grindcore gathering !