15.10.2010 – NEW WEBSITE !

Welcome on the new website of Grinding Rebellion Records.

Expect some changes really soon, but stay tuned in the wait of more developped sections.

New releases GRR-004 CHIENS – s/t one side 12″ LP will be available in two weeks, first album of this awesome new grindcore band from France which features past Blockheads, Herp├Ęs de Crachat de Fillette, Colera, and Goro. The mighty GRR-005 PULMONARY FIBROSIS / EMBALMING THEATRE – split 7″ EP features new tracks of both french brutal goregrind and swiss groovy deathgrind and will be out in two or four weeks.

New releases in the works include INSOMNIA ISTERICA / GOKURTRUSSELL – split 7″ EP between new swiss grinding sensations and the reissue of the highly acclaimed first album of Singapore grinders MAGNICIDE as well as a split 7″ EP with belgian death machine PUNISHED EARTH.