05.12.2010 – NEW RELEASES OUT NOW !

Grinding Rebellion Records is proud to annouce you the release of two new productions :

GRR-004 CHIENS – s/t one side 12″ LP
CHIENS are hailing from Nancy/France and features past members of BLOCKHEADS, HERPÈS DE CRACHAT DE FILLETTE, COLERA, and GORO. They play awesome fast grindcore in with some crusty elements with two guitars and no bass, it’s so insane that every MAGRUDERGRIND or INSECT WARFARE fan should own it !

PULMONARY FIBROSIS is a brutal goregrind combo from France, presenting four new songs and two Nasum covers, expect a great mix from REGURGITATE with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY with vomiting gurgling vocals. EMBALMING THEATRE is a great grind combo from switzerland who plays groovy grind death with some gore influences. These new titles were recorded 2010 with an awesome sound and absolutely kick ass !

Then you can find a new release section by clicking in the menu, which show more informations on each release. Some improvements are still to be done, but you can get more informations on our productions.

The distribution list has also been updated with some new entries as the awesome SUFFERING MIND new LP as well as split EPs from INSECT WARFARE, KILL THE CLIENT, SHITSTORM, SWARRRM and many more !

Don’t hesitate to write an email for orders, maybe there’s a possibility of bringing your order to some grindcore concerts in switzerland. BLOCKHEADS are paying in Pfäffikon and INSOMNIA ISTERICA in Sursee in December, don’t miss it !