25.12.2012 – END OF YEAR NEWS

Sorry for the lack of news since last summer, but there weren’t any new release out since WHORESNATION self-titled first LP which is still awesome and never too late to order.

The biggest news is the implementation of a Grinding Rebellion Records Newsletter to keep up to date about informations about the label without the need of anything else but an email address. You maybe already received the first one or can register using the menu link on top of this page.

The next year shall finally see the release of long awaited MAGNICIDE / PUNISHED EARTH split EP 7″, CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY split EP 7″ and MAGNICIDE Rise To The Annihilation LP 12″, or at least let’s hope for it. Other releases in the works include TERLARANG / TERSANJUNG XIII split EP 7″ and some other great stuff ! So just keep subscribed to know more about this.

You probably heard it or seen it if you’re living around Delémont, but we had a bunch of really great concerts in the newly renovated SAS Delémont with PUNCH, NEGATIVE APPROACH, SATAN, RORCAL, AURA NOIR, PNG, MASSIVE CHARGE, FEASTEM and KILL THE CLIENT. There were also CHIENS and EXENTERATION playing at a secret skatepark close from Delémont.

Finally don’t miss the next concert this friday with AGUIRRE and write down the 1st March 2013 in you calendar, here are the two next concerts at SAS Delémont :

Friday 28th December 2012 : AGUIRRE + OMOPHAGIA + BLACK CODE + CALCINED
Friday 1st March 2013 : AFGRUND + MUMAKIL + NEAR DEATH CONDITION + guest
Take care and all the best for 2013 !


After almost ten months inactivity GRINDING REBELLION RECORDS is open again with lots of news.

Firstly the first album from the new french grindcore revelation WHORESNATION is now released with an eleven labels coproduction. This black 12″ vinyl features seventeen new tracks of pure blasting grindcore devastation that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Secondly about next releases, the failing label in the process of coproducing singapore grindcore sensation MAGNICIDE’s first album on 12″ LP is now refunding us the money, so I hope that this one will be released next year after three years in the works.

The 7″ split EP featuring new french grindcore leaders CHIENS and czech ultrafast grinding violence LYCANTHROPHY isn’t ready yet but shall happen in the near future, no precise deadline.

The other next 7″ split EP featuring MAGNICIDE and belgian crushing death grind PUNISHED EARTH is now ready for production but we are still searching for other labels to be part.

Then, I’m proud to announce you the future release of a 12″ LP from czech grindcore masters INGROWING featuring their two last recordings out until now only on CD. The first side of this will be the Aetherpartus EP which was released back in 2009 and the band just released Heads Or Tails this year which will be the second side of this promising LP.

Finally, the distribution list has been updated with many new stuff as 12″ LPs from NEEDFUL THINGS, EMBALMING THEATRE, DEATHBOUND, YACOPSAE among other great releases both in 7″ and 12″ vinyl. There are also some labels shirts and some from the CHIENS left, the prices have been set down, so check it out and stay tuned for more in the next months.

20.09.2011 – STAND-BY !

Grinding Rebellion Records will be inactive for the next six to height months and will be back next year.

I (the label’s owner and manager) will be on travel around Asia, and won’t be able to sell records, make trade and reply to most of your emails. But you’re welcome to write me when I’m back, to trade some stuff or to bring you records.

So check for news next year as the MAGNICIDE “Rise To The Annihilation” 12″ LP shall be out. There will also be new killer records as CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY 7″ split EP and the first album from french grind machine WHORES NATION in 12″ LP.

See you soon, and write me a mail if you’re a grind addict from Asia, I’d love to see grind people and concerts around !


After two months without any update, Grinding Rebellion’s still around with a couple of news.

Firstly, the first amazing album from french fast grindcore revelation CHIENS is reissued to 200 copies in coproduction with I FEEL GOOD Records. There are 100 copies with the same black cover as first press and 100 copies with a red cover.

We’re still waiting on Magnicide first album vinyl issue, there are some troubles with the label which was responsible to press it, so we only can wait. That situation sucks but we’re still hoping to get it one day.

On the festival side, Grinding Rebellion Records will be present at the PLAY FAST OR DON’T festival in Hradec Kralove (CZ) and at the awesome MOUNTAINS OF DEATH festival in Muotathal (CH).

After a tour with their mate Fatal Nunchaku and awesome show at Obscene Extreme, CHIENS is playing on friday July 29th at PLAY FAST OR DON’T festival so be there and don’t miss them.

At these occasions, there will be t-shirts, zippers and buttons from the label, so if you’re attending, check our merchtable and come grab some stuff.

As usual, there are many new entries in the distro including new records from LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, AGATHOCLES, MISERY INDEX, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and many more!

22.05.2011 – “ORGY OF MURDER” PIC-LP OUT NOW !

Grinding Rebellion Records is very proud to announce you the release of the new record from US death metal machine GORGASM “Orgy Of Murder” in a beautiful 12″ Pic LP with outer sleeve edition

This luxurious edition is a split label release with Sevared Records under license from Brutal Bands, and is stricly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

We’re still waiting on the rerelease of Magnicide “Rise To The Annihilation”, but we’re hoping to bring it out before this summer !

The first album from CHIENS is going very well and will be repressed to 200 copies, some of the first hand numbered 300 copies are still available though.

Don’t miss out the last grindcore concert at SAS Delémont featuring some of the best grindcore acts at the moment and supported by Grinding Rebellion Recs :

And as usual check out the distro with new stuff from MAGRUDERGRIND, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and many more !