02.03.2011 – SOME NEWS

The highly anticipated new GORGASM album “Orgy Of Murder” is at the pressing stage. This beutiful 12″ Picture Disc vinyl in a deluxe spined sleeve should be out by the end of April on Grinding Rebellion Records in Europe and Sevared Records in the USA. The CD version will be out on Brutal Bands next month !

The rerelease of Singapore’s grinders MAGNICIDE first album “Rise To The Annihilation” is a bit delayed but we hope to send it at the press as soon as possible.

We’re also proud to announce a new release in the works, it’s a 12″ split LP between XAROS from France and canadian sensation ARCHAGATHUS. Excpect real fast sickness with XAROS’s new lineup including the former drummer of HxCxF and in your face raw mince-core as usual with crazy grind machine ARCHAGATHUS. It will be a cooproduction between many underground DIY label and is set for next summer !

There are many new entries in the distro including some of the best grindcore release from 2010 ! Check out new LPs and EPs from PHOBIA, KILL THE CLIENT, LYCANTHROPHY, AGATHOCLES and many more !

Please note also that Grinding Rebellion Records supports these next concerts at SAS Music Club, Delémont :

Sat 7 may 2011 : NEEDFUL THINGS + CHIENS + guest
These will be the last concerts to take place at SAS before fall 2012 because of renovation so be there !

04.01.2011 – HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Grinding Rebellion Records wishes you an Happy new year for 2011 !

The label will soon be one year old at the end of january, and I’m very proud of what has been achieved for now with an awesome first batch of releases in 2010 !

Firstly we’re pleased to announce you the release last month of the INSOMNIA ISTERICA / GOKURTRUSSEL split EP 7″ in coproduction with L’è Tütt Folklor, Vomit Bucket, Hecatombe, Eatshitbuydie, Witch Bukkake and Junky Monkey. IAxIA side features new tracks of powerful brutal gore grind with a strong punk feeling while GKR first ever release presents a fastcore blast beating punk band which features three wuarters of IAxIA. Check out this crazy, dumb but awesome video on youtube and prepare your order !!!

The new year also begins really well for us, because you can expect the vinyl release of Singapore’s MAGNICIDE highly acclaimed first album “Rise To The Annihiliation” which has been released on CD only through HG Fact in Japan and will be released world wide through a seven labels coproduction which include Grind Block, Everydayhate, Rewolucja, Nhdiyst, Witch Bukkake and Grindhead Records. Be prepared for an awesome grinding tornado from Singapore which should remind you of 324 or countrymates WORMROT.

We’re also really pleased to announce our second release for 2011 which should be out end March. It will be the new album of US brutal death metal best act GORGASM, recently reformed and relocated to Lafayette, Indiana. Appearing under the name SADICHIST at the last Central Illinois Metalfest, the new lineup includes founding member Damian Leski along with Kyle Christman, Anthony Voight and Ryan Saylor from HUMAN FILLETED and SARCOPHAGY. This new album will be called “Orgy Of Murder” and will be released on CD worldwide through Brutal Bands and on 12″ Picture Disc LP in coproduction with Sevared Records. You already can listen to the preview track “Exhibit Of Repugance” through the band’s myspace.

Grinding Rebellion Records also supports and will be present at two concerts which take place in January in Switzerland :

Sat 15 jan 2011 : CYNESS + WHORESNATION + MASS CONTROL @ SAS Music Club, Delémont. (flyer)
Sat 30 jan 2011 : Brutal Grind Assault VI w/ GENERAL SURGERY + LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY + GAGDGET & more @ KAB de l’Usine, Genève. (flyer)
New entries in the distro includes LPs and EPs from BLOCKHEADS, AGATHOCLES, SAKATAT and more !

05.12.2010 – NEW RELEASES OUT NOW !

Grinding Rebellion Records is proud to annouce you the release of two new productions :

GRR-004 CHIENS – s/t one side 12″ LP
CHIENS are hailing from Nancy/France and features past members of BLOCKHEADS, HERPÈS DE CRACHAT DE FILLETTE, COLERA, and GORO. They play awesome fast grindcore in with some crusty elements with two guitars and no bass, it’s so insane that every MAGRUDERGRIND or INSECT WARFARE fan should own it !

PULMONARY FIBROSIS is a brutal goregrind combo from France, presenting four new songs and two Nasum covers, expect a great mix from REGURGITATE with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY with vomiting gurgling vocals. EMBALMING THEATRE is a great grind combo from switzerland who plays groovy grind death with some gore influences. These new titles were recorded 2010 with an awesome sound and absolutely kick ass !

Then you can find a new release section by clicking in the menu, which show more informations on each release. Some improvements are still to be done, but you can get more informations on our productions.

The distribution list has also been updated with some new entries as the awesome SUFFERING MIND new LP as well as split EPs from INSECT WARFARE, KILL THE CLIENT, SHITSTORM, SWARRRM and many more !

Don’t hesitate to write an email for orders, maybe there’s a possibility of bringing your order to some grindcore concerts in switzerland. BLOCKHEADS are paying in Pfäffikon and INSOMNIA ISTERICA in Sursee in December, don’t miss it !

15.10.2010 – NEW WEBSITE !

Welcome on the new website of Grinding Rebellion Records.

Expect some changes really soon, but stay tuned in the wait of more developped sections.

New releases GRR-004 CHIENS – s/t one side 12″ LP will be available in two weeks, first album of this awesome new grindcore band from France which features past Blockheads, Herpès de Crachat de Fillette, Colera, and Goro. The mighty GRR-005 PULMONARY FIBROSIS / EMBALMING THEATRE – split 7″ EP features new tracks of both french brutal goregrind and swiss groovy deathgrind and will be out in two or four weeks.

New releases in the works include INSOMNIA ISTERICA / GOKURTRUSSELL – split 7″ EP between new swiss grinding sensations and the reissue of the highly acclaimed first album of Singapore grinders MAGNICIDE as well as a split 7″ EP with belgian death machine PUNISHED EARTH.