After two successful previous editions, Grinding Rebellion Records will be bringing you a third GRINDING DELEMONT festival on 8th and 9th of May 2015 at SAS in Delémont, Switzerland. And while most of the billing is still to be communicated after confirmations, we’re happy to announce you the first bands set to take part.

Unable to bring these two bands the last two years for reasons beyond our control, we’re really glad that the most legendary and influential grindcore acts from France in BLOCKHEADS and INHUMATE will finally be participating. Next are two furious acts from Czech Republic, as well established NEEDFUL THINGS and newcomers CONTROLLED EXISTENCE will gather to carry on with blast beats from Pilsner country in Delemont. Also confirmed are SOCIETY PRISON COMPLEX from Germany, FIREBREATHER from Switzerland and GROSSEL from France.

So stay tuned for more updates regarding the festival as further bands will be announced as soon as possible !

Please also note that GRINDING REBELLION RECORDS, in cooperation with squat “La Biu” is bringing BOILING POINT from Slovakia with PRUGELKNABE from Czech Republic and GROSSEL from France for an exclusive swiss gig in Biel/Bienne on friday 20th February 2015, at La biu. Address is WYDENAUWEG 40 / CHEMIN DES SAULES 40 | 2503 BIEL / BIENNE.

May 2015 be full of blasts for you and hope to see you all at the festival !


Grinding Rebellion Records is very happy to announce that korean thrashcore act MY MAN MIKE’s second effort “I’m pregnant” is out now !

This release comes on regular 12″ black vinyl and contains eleven tracks of well blended fast and thrashing hardcore. Give it a shot, because there’s something undeniably unusual when grindfreaks grown up on different continents gather to play extreme music.

On a much sadder note, after four years in the works, it appears that MAGNICIDE’s first album “Rise to the annihilation” won’t be released because another label ruined everything and most of the co-producers want to now to be refunded. We’re sorry for people who have been waiting for this release as long as us, but it’s totally out of our control. Furthermore Grinding Rebellion Redcords will always be in if some other labels want to release it.

Anyway, to end this news on a much brighter note, we’re delighted to let you know that a third edition of GRINDING DELEMONT Festival will happen in 2015. Dates are fixed to May 8th and 9th and it will again take place at SAS in Delémont. Expect a first batch of bands to be announced in january, so stay tuned to our website or register to the newsletter to keep updated !


Here we go with another update, and couple small news for you grind freaks !

First, we’re happy to announce that GRINDING REBELLION RECORDS is going to release south korean thrashing grindcore act MY MAN MIKE second effort. Although they hail from far away, this band gather people from France, USA and (of course) Korea. That helps them getting on tour all around the world, so check them out if you get a chance. This first full length and follow up to first 10″ “Will you marry me” is going to be called “I’m pregnant” and will be brought to you by a 6 labels conspiracy on 12″ LP.

Then, after exactly two year – we’re deeply sorry it took so long – we’re happy to tell you the distro list has been updated with lots of new stuff on vinyl. So click on Distro in the menu to check those out.

Please also note that we now have a french office which is run by Lopin from grindcore act WHORESNATION. This way you can grab our titles on their tours or with shipping from France which is much cheaper than switzerland in terms of postage.

Finally, as you may have read through social networks, there has been pressing mistake on CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY 7″ EP. Some copies we sold at GRINDING DELEMONT FESTIVAL may have been wrong ones if MOTORPOOL is engraved on the matrix. Please contact us if you bought such a copy and we’ll replace it with a real copy for free.


Lots of things are happening at Grinding Rebellion’s headquarter ! Not only will Grinding Delémont Festival vol II start on friday but we are also glad to announce the release of the longly awaited CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY – split EP 7″.

This vinyl is either available in standard black or transparent black wax with a great artwork done by Jubs from CHIENS. So prepare for destruction and chaos as usual with these bands, which don’t need any introduction as both are proven grindmasters in Europe. Coproduction is brought to you with I Feel Good, Dead Heroes and Criminal Attack Records.

Grinding Delémont Festival starts on friday at SAS in Delémont, switzerland, with lots of great bands as YACOPSAE, MACHETAZO, GRIDE, FUBAR, DISCISPLES OF CHRIST and FULL OF HELL among many others.

Still, BLOOD I BLEED was unfortunately forced to cancel their appearance and will be replaced by swiss grinders INSOMNIA ISTERICA which are going to play on friday night. This means MUMAKIL will now play on saturday, so we’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Just as last year, festival shirts will be available at the Grinding Rebellion record booth, with a great artwork done by Maniak.

Please also remind the SAS isn’t a huge venue and tickets are strictly limited. Anyway tickets are still available on petzi.ch.


Great news in the beginning of 2014 as we are proud to present you a new 7″ release on Grinding Rebellion Records !

Teaming up on this record are TERLARANG from Malaysia who play fast thrashing grindpunk and TERSANJUNG13 from Indonessia with their oldschool devastating grindcore.

Brought to you by a worldwide seven labels co-production, this new 7″ EP features an obi strip in the best japanese tradition and is available either in pink, green, transparent purple or regular black.

Otherwise, first bands participating to the second edition of Grinding Delemont Festival have been announced lately. We’re delighted to bring the finest czech powerviolence in GRIDE for the first time in switzerland, as having dutch grinders FUBAR finally playing the SAS. Also we’re glad to have some overseas bands as DISCIPLES OF CHRIST featuring Chris Moore (former MAGRUDERGRIND) and FULL OF HELL from the USA or SETE STAR SEPT from Japan ! Joining them are couple great underground acts from europe as dutch BLOOD I BLEED, french WARFUCK and SATAN, italian XKATEXMOSHX or swiss EXENTERATION.

Please note the festival is going to take place on Friday June 13th and Saturday June 14th 2014, again at SAS Delémont, Switzerland. More bands, tickets, and details to be announced later.